Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Utah State Homecoming 2011

Logan in the Fall is one of my favorite places ever!  I love the smells, streets, people, and pretty much everything!  We went up again this year for the Homecoming festivities.  Camille's in-laws live in Providence so they let us set up camp for the day between all the activities.  Cam was a trooper without much of a nap.  We love Logan!  It kind of made me sad that we don't live there anymore but I'm excited for the next chapter in our lives!

Cam and Dad watching the parade.  Cam wasn't sure what to think at first!

Brynlee, Mason and their Grandma Jenniece.

Dad, Mom & Cam at the parade.  We caught shirts, "squeaky" cheese, chips & salsa, frisbees and TONS of candy!  Logan is the best! :)

Later in the afternoon, we went to the Aggie Leadership Reunion for Jared's Ambassador Scholarship.  It was a catered BBQ so we pigged out!  And there was free Aggie Ice Cream, of course!

Cam is getting so big! 

Cam, Mason and Brynlee found some balloons......

.....Cam wasn't happy about it being tied to his wrist.

Cam and Dad by the Aggie!

What cute boys!

The Beckstrands got us some awesome seats!  Go Aggies!

Monday, September 19, 2011


I got Jared paragliding lessons for Father's Day and it finally came time to redeem them!  We left home at 6 a.m. and drove to the point of the mountain in Draper.  It was so rainy and cold!  I decided to go cheer Jared on and left Camden with Grandma Robin. 
They hiked up a 300 foot hill and got ready to go!

Jared is in the top right hand corner getting his parachute ready.

1st flight!  He did the best out of everyone!  So proud! :)

2nd Flight... It may not look like he is off the ground but he was flying!

3rd Flight!

After a few hours in the car, I got a little anxious and hiked up for a closer look.  After the chute was all spread out, you would have to let it fill with wind then start running as fast as you could until you started flying!

The girl who went right before Jared lost control and almost flew into another person!  Yikes!

There he goes!

He had a blast!  I think we will both have to try it next time!

Soccer Season!

Kendra made Northridge's Girls Soccer Team so we try to go to as many games as we can (Lauren also made the tennis team, so we go to those too!).  Last week they played Davis, so we grabbed some burgers and had a picnic while we cheered on Kendra!

Cam was so proud of his new "big boy" shoes! He was jumping all over in em'!

Cam and Grandma!

After the game, Jared helped Cam on the skateboard.  He loves it!

He likes to go fast and ride with Dad.  I am usually freaking out that they will crash!

Our little man is getting so big!

Mary Poppins!

Jared's work does a lot with Disney, so the other day they sent over tickets to go see the Broadway play "Mary Poppins" in Salt Lake.  I was so excited!  I love anything Disney!

We ate dinner at Flemming's Steak House in the Gateway!  It was delish! 
My handsome hubby in front of Capitol Theater!

Capitol Theater was so awesome!

It was the cutest play!  We had to leave early because Jared has a sinus infection and was feeling terrible. :( 

Fun with Cam!

Camden LOVES kids, especially babies.  We babysat his cousin Daxton this week and Camden was in heaven!  He always made sure to put his binky back in when it fell out, bring him lots of toys and give him lots of kisses.  Poor Dax was quite smothered!

Daxton is 5 months old, Camden is 17 months.

Jared and I have gotten into croquet lately.  We literally played every night for a week! ha ha!  Cam has taken to the sport nicely!

Our neighbors dog, Cooper, is Cam's favorite!  Since Daisy was put down, he loves to go outside and see "Pooper!"  He LOVES dogs.  He was awake in his crib for an hour the other day yelling "Puppy! Puppy!" rather than napping.  What a goof!

Hometown Values Date

It is so nice being close to family again so we can go on dates and have someone to babysit. :)  My mom is an avid coupon clipper, so I love to get a good deal!  We decided to go on a date but only do things that we had a coupon for!

Proudly displaying my "Hometown Values."  I love when this comes in the mail! :)

We went and hit a bucket of balls, with a coupon of course!

Then we chowed down on turkey burgers at Maddox! Free never tasted so good! ha ha

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Weekend 2011

I can't believe summer is over!  It flew by!  This was my favorite summer we've had together as a little family.  I loved living in California and going to the beach every weekend, but we have loved being so close to family in Utah!  We've taken the boat out every possible weekend so Jared could get a few rides in and so that I could sharpen up on my skills. :)  I don't want to be the embarrassing Mom that can't do anything when our kids bring their friends.  

We had a fun filled Labor Day Weekend!  On Friday, we went to the new "Kneaders" that opened in Layton.  It was so good, but Cam was a little upset so we had to come home and eat it.  

Saturday morning we took the boat out.  Jared, Aaron and I went early in the morning to get the "good" water.  That is a little early and chilly for me!

I wasn't the best action shot photographer, but the ol' man still has it! :)

On Sunday, we all went over to my parent's house for s'mores and a campfire.  Cam had a blast playing with Brynlee and Mason!

Brynlee got the cutest haircut!  It is "so ziggle-zaggle" as she would say. :)

Cam has started trying to walk and close his eyes at the same time.  Really safe, right?!

On Monday morning, Jared and I ate a delicious breakfast and then hiked Adam's Canyon. 

On Monday afternoon, Jared was feeling sick so I took Camden and my sister's Lauren and Kendra to the Roy Aquatic Center. 

Cam LOVED the slide!  As soon as he was done, he would grab our hands and walk us back to the line.  He is getting so big!

Puppy Sitting

Jared's brother, Aaron, got two new malamute/wolf puppies.  They sure are cute!  We tended them while Aaron moved for a few days.  I don't know how we ever did a puppy!  They are harder than a newborn!  We didn't get much sleep for a few days, but Cam sure loved them.  He would try and go outside any chance he could and would stand at the door saying "puppies!"

He was pretty concerned about making sure his shoes were on because the grass was wet.

He loves puppy kisses!

Cam would get pretty jealous when the puppies were on Dad's lap. 

Loved when the puppy licked his hands!

Sealing & a Date!

A few weeks ago we were able to go watch our friends Mike and Becky be sealed to their little boy, Logan.  He is the sweetest baby!  It was so awesome to watch them be sealed together as a family.  

After the temple, Jared and I went to Crown Burger to grab some lunch.  I think we could eat there every day of our lives!  It is our favorite.  Those onion rings are to die for! 

 This is literally heaven for us! :)  I could easily be morbidly obese if I gave into eating out more often than we already do!

We decided to burn off some calories and walk around the Gateway!  

Yes, I am sure our children are going to laugh at this picture, but I thought the cloud machine was pretty cool!

Afterwards, we went and saw "The Help."  We both loved it!  

We came home and shared a pint of Chunky Monkey!  Life doesn't get much better than that! :)