Sunday, August 8, 2010

One Speedy Summer!

Jared has been practicing his skim boarding and has learned a few "moves"... Camden and I just sit in the sand and try to stay warm!

We love having dad home to play with us!

We went to the Rainforest Cafe on Fisherman's Wharf and Camden loved it! ....except for the screaming gorillas!

This summer has gone by so fast for us! We can't believe it is time to move back to Utah. We are so excited to go home but will miss the beach, beautiful scenery and mall right across the street. We are ready to get out of the windy, cold weather and have a few weeks of summer before Jared starts school again!

Skateboards and Broken Bones..

Growing up, Jared broke more bones than I can count on both hands! I have never broken a bone or had anything worse than probably a stubbed toe (which is probably for the best because I'm a wimp). I thought I wouldn't have to worry about trips to the emergency room until our kids were a little older but that was until Jared remembered he liked skateboarding..... He was out selling and finished early when he came across a skate park. Being the tough guy he is, my handsome husband decided to show off some of his moves. I'm sure he looked great doing it, but he landed on his thumb and ended up having a few fractures in his thumb. On the bright side, he bought a new skateboard to sharpen his skills! We might be back to the E.R. before we know it!

We are hoping it doesn't stay so short and stubby!

So excited!

Two good thumbs up!

Camden was so excited to be there!