Friday, July 17, 2009

The Land of 10,000 Lakes...

After we honeymooned in the Bahamas we came back to FREEZING Logan. We were renting fourplex that was pretty close to campus. Jared was working as a manager at T-Mobile and I was working as an assistant to the owner of a real estate/construction company called Village Builders. We had been married for about 4 months when we decided that Jared would do summer sales so we wouldn't have to work during the winter and to save up a lot of money. We met with a bunch of people deciding what company to go with. Jared was working for an alarm company and did the preseason sales, but we found a telecommunications company we ended up going with at the last minute! The company was Elevate Communications and they sold phone, internet, tv and home security systems. We moved to Edina, Minnesota (about 5 minutes from downtown Minneapolis). It was a LOOOOONG drive, but we finally made it after 2 days of driving. Edina was in a ritzy part of Minnesota. Our nearest grocery store had chandeliers and carpeted floors!
I was working as an assistant for the company so I had to be home ALL day to take phone calls to run credit checks. It was so boring! Jared was gone from noon to about 10 p.m. everyday. I watched a lot of Disney Channel to entertain myself! We lived across from a place called Lake Centennial Park that had a huge lake with walking trails, fountains, amphitheaters, paddle boats, gondolas, mini golf, you name it! I would take the dog for walks there everyday. They even would play classical music around the whole place and you could smell delicious food cooking. It was great!
Anyway, long story short, we decided we were tired of our weird lifestyle in Minnesota and that we could do the same thing in Logan! I flew home a week early to see my nephew born and Jared drove home with the dog. It was quite the experience!

The Beginning.....

Jared and I met in June of 2008, just after he returned home from his mission. I had moved home from school down at SUU and was living at my parents house working and planning on attending BYU in the fall. I was friends with a few of his friends from high school and we would do stuff together quite a bit. One Monday night, they invited me to a Family Home Evening activity their ward was having. I went over there and was eating and talking with some of my friends when he arrived. He didn't talk to me but he was kind of hovering (not in a creepy way). After I was finished eating, I mentioned to some of my friends that I wanted to play volleyball. The next thing I knew, Jared had found a volleyball net and poles out of nowhere! I was very impressed! His team ended up creaming mine, but that was just because he was showing off. Ha!

I got a message from one of his friend's the next day asking me if I was at all interested in Jared. I just told him I thought he was cute to get him off my back. Jared got my number from his friend and would text me a lot or talk to me on the internet while we were both at work. He was always try to ask me to do stuff but I usually had plans already. On July 3rd, he invited me to some fireworks with his friends in Bountiful. I told him I was sick and that I wouldn't be able to go. He came over to my house after the fireworks and just wanted to talk for a minute. We were sitting on my front porch swing "aka the makeout glider" and he brought me a leaf that was shaped as a heart (haha I didn't notice it at the time and thought it was weird). We were talking for awhile and then he just kissed me out of nowhere! I guess I was just irresistible! The next day he joined my family for all the 4th of July festivities. They all LOVED him!

We were just constantly together after that! After about 3 weeks we decided we wanted to get married! (There was more that happened before this time, but I'll skip the mushy stuff.) He proposed on August 12th, just before he had to go back up to school for the fall. It seemed like the longest 4 and 1/2 months of my life! He came down every weekend and sometimes during the week too so it wasn't too bad.

We were sealed for time and all eternity in the Bountiful Temple on December 13, 2008! It was a blizzard that day but it was the best day of our lives! I fall more in love with him everyday!

I'm a blogger!

After being married, I realized that I never write in my journal or even have the talent to scrapbook. Then I had the great idea to create a blog and have it bound into cute books later on which will count for a little bit of scrapbooking and journaling! Thank goodness for technology!