Sunday, May 5, 2013

Summer Family Fun 2013

The summer has just begun and we are already having a blast!

 We had a backyard campout!  We even made a mini campfire out of tea light candles.  We set up a TV and watched a movie outside.  Parker was a little too young to join us, so he ended up sleeping inside...with mom!

 The next morning we woke up and went to Sill's cafe for breakfast.  That is my kind of campout!

 Cam and Parker love playing together and Cam is such an awesome big brother!

 Cam loves riding his bike with the neighbor kids.

 These two boys love to color!

 We've gone on a lot of wagon rides!

 We live just down the street from a park so we love to go play.

 We went to a friend's mission farewell and Parker had his first chocolate chip cookie!  He loved it!

 We went for a little "hike" up Fernwood with the boys.  Cam loved finding rocks for his collection.

 We went and visited Grandpa Brent.

 We love playing with cousins!  Cam and Mason gave the power wheels a wash before they took it for a spin. :)

 They are so cute!

We even went to Grandma Robin's for our first s'mores of the season!

We can't wait for the rest of summer!  We are loving every minute of it!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Disney World Trip 2013

My job has some pretty awesome perks sometimes!  Six Sisters got an email inviting us to a conference in Disney World called Social Media Moms.  We had never heard of it and thought it may be too good to be true!  A conference in Disney World where families are invited?!  Well Camille and I just couldn't say no and planned a trip out to Florida with our families.

The boys loved the flight!  They watched shows on the iPad and looked out the windows.  It was a long day, but we finally arrived at the house we had rented!  We wanted to stay somewhere with a kitchen so we didn't need to eat out every meal.

 The next day the conference started.  The whole conference was filled with mom bloggers and their families.

 Each meal they planned a huge elaborate party and the food was amazing!

Each meal they would pick us up and take us behind the scenes of Disney to eat in cool destinations!  One day we even got to go to a screening of Monster's University before it came out! 

 It always felt so nice to sit down after a long day at the park to a delicious meal!

 At most of the dinner events they would have characters come so you wouldn't have to spend your time in the park waiting in line to meet them.  Cam was so excited to meet Wreck It Ralph!

 At one of our dinners, Mickey came and danced.  Cam was in heaven! Haha and as you can tell, Parker was pretty content in the stroller.

 Cam is obsessed with Jake and the Neverland Pirates so we he was so excited to meet Jake!

 Parker wasn't quite sure what to think.

 We also met Handy Manny,

Lightning McQueen and Mater!

 One of my favorite dinners was on the set of the stunt show in Hollywood Studios.  They reserved the entire place for our dinner that night and it was so cool!

 Of course there was dancing...

 ...and characters!

 Cam showed Goofy some of his best dance moves!

 We spent 5 days at the parks.  The Magic Kingdom was still my favorite!

 The boys loved the castle!

 Parker was such a trooper for being stuck in his stroller so much.  This is my favorite picture of him.  He looks angry but he really was screaming with excitement! Haha!  Such a funny boy!

We would also cover him with a blanket and he would fall asleep and would shove his arms out of his stroller when he would wake up!

 We loved the safari ride in Animal Kingdom!

 It put Parker right to sleep!

 One night we went to Planet Hollywood for dinner.

 I love that chubby little face!

 And these cute faces. :)

 The house we rented had a pool and we thought it would be warm enough that we didn't need to pay the extra money to have it heated everyday.....that was a bad idea!

 Haha!  I thought Cam and Jared were going to get hypothermia swimming in that cold pool!  I only swam for about 5 minutes until I couldn't take it anymore!

Sure love these cute boys of mine!

The last day of the conference was Mother's Day.  They had a beautiful brunch for all of us!

After brunch, we went to one of the water parks.  I told Jared that all I wanted for Mother's Day was a turkey leg. :)  It was pretty dang good!

We stayed a few more days after the conference to enjoy the parks.  It was the funnest trip we have ever been on!  I wish we had stopped to take more pictures, but we were just so busy having fun!  I can't wait to go back!